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Candles and Massage Stones

Comprehensive Massage Services in South Venice, FL

If you are looking for a healthy massage, turn to Family Foot Spa for all of your self-care needs. Schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled massage therapists, and learn more about our massage services in South Venice, FL.


Aromatherapy Massage

Pleasantly scented oils have a positive impact on mood and emotions. During this massage, these oils are blended for a custom experience of your massage choice. We only use doTERRA oils to make your massage a genuinely uplifting experience.

We are happy to combine oils of your choice, including putting drops of oil into fractionated coconut oil all at once or laying them on one at a time— it's your choice. The following are a few of our popular oil combinations:

  • Basil, Geranium, and Any Citrus Oils (Uplifting)
  • Basil and Wintergreen (Stress-Relief)
  • Black Pepper, Marjoram, and Lavender (Warming and Soothing)
  • Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress (Soothing)
  • Lavender and Peppermint (Soothing)
  • Rosemary and Wintergreen (Soothing)
Using doTERRA Essential Oils for a Relaxing Massage in South Venice, FL

Couple’s Massage in South Venice, FL

Couple’s Massage

Enjoy a day at the spa with a close friend or significant other while we pamper you both! You'll want to come back for this spectacular massage often.

Muscle Ache Massage

Let us show you the benefits of massage to your health. We can relieve your body aches and pains with our muscle ache massage.

Relaxing Massage

We provide truly amazing, stress-relief massage services. Let us do the work while you do nothing but relax.

Foot Massage

The benefits of foot reflexology are enormous to your entire body's health. Learn more about the benefits of a foot massage when you contact us for an appointment.

Foot Massage in South Venice, FL

Hot Stone Massage in South Venice, FL

Family Massage

You can book a massage for your entire family. Bring your entire family to our massage spa for a few hours of deep pampering.

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage offers numerous health benefits, and it is great for relieving muscle tension and pain.

Contact us to learn more about our massage services and prices. Based in South Venice, FL, we serve throughout the Sarasota area.