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Foot Massage

The Benefits of Foot Reflexology and Massage

Foot reflexology and foot massage come with a wide range of benefits, including promoting healthy circulation. At Family Foot and Spa, we want our guests to feel as if they have a full understanding of the services we provide for them. Please take some time to review the extensive benefits of foot reflexology.

Promoting Blood Circulation

Experiments have shown that a healthy person can increase the blood flow of the body by more than 10 times after 30 minutes of foot massage. Sticking to foot massage can effectively improve blood circulation, improve body temperature, and improve cold hands and feet.

Poor circulation is one of the main causes of heart attack or stroke, because when blood circulation is poor, it can lead to hypertension, arteriosclerosis, arterial stenosis, high cholesterol and vascular plaque formation.

Foot Reflexology Chart

Calf Massage

The following symptoms may indicate that you have problems with blood circulation: (1) frequent pain and cramps in the legs; (2) numbness or numbness in the feet; (3) fatigue, soreness or weakness in the legs and feet; (4) slow wound healing; (5) nail thickening; (6) varicose veins and reticular veins.

If any of the above symptoms occur, you need to improve the blood circulation in your legs from now on, because you need to overcome the gravity through the muscle pump to make the blood circulation return to normal. Don't underestimate the feet; they play a very important role in health care. Office workers who are unable to stand much during the day, as well as the elderly can benefit greatly from reflexology massages.

Benefits of Reflexology

Dredge the Meridians

On the feet, there are reflection areas and acupressure points of the organs of the human body, as well as meridians. Through the massage of the soles of the feet, the meridians in the body can be dredged, and the normal function of the organs and the coordination between various organ systems can be promoted.

Accelerate Toxin Discharge

Because the body's blood circulation is not good, and then the metabolism of the product lactic acid and so on accumulated in the body, cannot be discharged in time, it is easy to feel fatigue, and so on. Foot massage can accelerate the cycle and strengthen the body's detoxification function.

Strengthen Kidney Function

The Yong Quan point on the sole of the foot is the point of the kidney. Although the massage sole has the functions of curing the five internal organs, the health effect on the kidney is more direct. Massage of the Yong Quan point can improve the kidney function.

Strengthen Metabolism

After the increase of Qi-blood circulation, the body will be able to secrete more and more kinds of hormones. Among them, adrenaline can promote the body's metabolism, and thus high human immunity, and achieve the health care effect of preventing and helping to cure diseases.

Health and Beauty

Massage the soles of the feet to promote smooth blood circulation, stimulate cell vitality, prevent aging, and at the same time excrete toxins and impurities in the body, maintain health, and many other benefits. In addition, reflexology can help maintain the youthful appearance of women.